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Widows, Widowers and Children/Survivors' Benefits

Disabled and Without a Working Spouse or Parent?

It is extremely traumatic to face a future with limited or no income and a health condition that prevents you from working. Social Security disability survivor benefits are available to many widows, widowers and children. For many, these monthly checks make a significant difference in the ability to get by and live without constant worry. It may not matter whether you have substantial assets or are living below the poverty level.

Social Security disability insurance, including both adult and children's claims, is the focus in our Cincinnati, Ohio-area law practices. Contact us today if you need help. We can explain the requirements, regulations and processes for obtaining survivors' benefits, based on your individual and family circumstances. Some basic criteria include:

  • A disabled widow or widower age 50 or older can draw Social Security Disability Insurance benefits (SSDI) from a deceased spouse's account if that spouse had a substantial work history and passed away within seven years of when the survivor became 100% disabled.
  • Disabled adult children of a disabled, deceased or retired parent are entitled to benefits based on the parent's work history — and in some cases may draw higher benefits than under the separate program Supplemental Security Income (SSI) if they became disabled by age 22 and have not earned substantial income as an employee since their 22nd birthday.

Helping People Obtain Available Survivors' Benefits or Other Financial Support

Obtaining and maximizing your benefits often requires the help of a skilled, experienced lawyer. Whether you have applied and been denied or are just beginning the process, we can review your unique situation and help you determine your eligibility for applicable SSA programs including how to:

  • Best establish, characterize and prove your own disability with medical evidence and testimony;
  • Take into account the needs and eligibility of all children and adult family members who cannot work;
  • Sort out and understand how terms such as the Primary Insurance Amount (PIA) and Family Maximum apply to the total benefits you and your family can receive.

Real Legal Help is Available for Your Claim or Appeal

We believe in staying responsive and keeping you informed throughout your case. If you believe you may be eligible for survivors' benefits or another form of Social Security disability benefits in Ohio, Kentucky or Indiana, please consult one of us today.


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