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Symptoms of Disability, including Pain and Fatigue

Does Severe Pain or Fatigue Keep You From Working?

Nearly every day, we speak and work with people who tell us about the intolerable pain or constant fatigue they feel — sometimes as a result of a known, diagnosed medical condition and sometimes for reasons more difficult to prove. It is important to understand that medical evidence of an underlying condition that could produce such symptoms must typically be shown to win your claim for Social Security disability benefits.

However, Social Security recognizes that there is no "pain meter" or other objective test for measuring the severity of these hidden symptoms caused by your underlying medical condition. Therefore the assistance of a skilled attorney is often crucial in establishing both the existence and severity of your subjective symptoms to Social Security's satisfaction. Too many times, Social Security adjudicators dismiss pain complaints as "overblown." We will not treat you that way. Instead, we will listen and help.

Offering many decades of relevant experience in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area, including northern Kentucky and southeastern Indiana, lawyers Michael Mooney and Stephen Olden are prepared to carefully assess your case for obtaining Social Security disability benefits. We offer free consultations — in order to provide basic guidance at the application stage or to consider whether an appeal of your denied claim can succeed.

Building Your Case on Solid Medical Evidence and Testimony

A wide range of physical and mental impairments can prevent a person from working and earning income — for a lengthy period or, in some cases, forever. Many people we assist have a range of disabling symptoms, with chronic pain or fatigue among the most common. Each claim must be evaluated individually, however, and medical documentation must be provided to support the claimant's own account of what he or she feels. Such evidence may include:

  • Test results — from MRIs and ultrasound evaluations, EEGs and more — that clearly show a source of pain such as a herniated disc, nerve impingement or neuropathy
  • A thorough, convincing diagnosis, with or without lab test results of a chronic, severe physical condition such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis or fibromyalgia
  • Psychiatric records showing diagnosis and treatment for a recognized mental impairment such as clinical depression or bi-polar disorder

Dedicated to Providing Compassionate, Efficient and Effective Services

Our mission as attorneys is centered on helping people suffering from disabilities and their crippling symptoms get the SSDI and/or SSI benefits they need. If you believe you have qualifying disability symptoms — whether you are preparing to apply for benefits or have applied and been denied — we encourage you to contact our law offices today.


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