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Disability Claims for Children in Cincinnati, Ohio

Strong Advocacy Targeting Benefits for Disabled Children

Not all attorneys who handle adult Social Security disability claims pursue children's claims as well. Longstanding, respected lawyer Stephen Olden and the support team at his law office in Cincinnati, Ohio, takes these cases on and advocates assertively for disabled children in need of financial support. Mr. Olden has handled children's cases for years and recently authored an article on this topic that appears in the Winter 2010 issue of the American Bar Association's publication on Children's Rights.

The federal program available to help children is SSI — Supplemental Security Income — and it is a need-based program. In order to succeed with your claim, we must show that your child has a qualifying physical or mental disability and that your income and assets are quite limited. Contact us if you believe your child may qualify, or if your initial SSI claim has been denied. Mr. Olden offers a free consultation.

A Track Record of Obtaining Benefits for Physically and Mentally Disabled Kids

Applying decades of legal experience and focusing on children's disability claims, attorney Olden knows Social Security regulations and the local SSA practices and processes. He understands what it takes to win children's cases. He also understands the hopes and concerns that parents of disabled children live with every day. You can expect patience, understanding and straight talk as we seek benefits for your child with:

  • A severe physical disability such as asthma, seizures, or palsy that limits self-sufficiency, or the ability to do things other children do or even the ability to attend a regular school, or
  • A mental/cognitive disability such as low IQ, autism, oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), bi-polar disorder or major depression

We work compassionately and constructively with children, parents or other guardians, doctors and teachers — all of whom may be essential in substantiating a child's disability claim. Generally speaking, judges who decide these cases on appeal are looking for evidence that a child cannot function well in a regular classroom. We know how to gather and present evidence about this and to show that money is needed to help your child and family.

Skilled Representation on Contingency, with No Financial Risk for You

It is important to recognize that an initial claim denial is the norm, not the final word. If you are now considering filing a children's Social Security disability claim, we can provide helpful basic guidance. Whether you are just starting a claim or if your child's claim has been denied, contact us.

We will hear you out and review the situation free of charge. If we believe we can help, you will owe no attorney fees unless and until we succeed — and those fees will come out of any retroactive benefits granted to your disabled child.


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