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Adult Disability Claims in Cincinnati

Legal Counsel and Advocacy for Adults with Disabilities

For many adults, facing the reality that work is no longer possible is very painful in itself. It then adds insult to injury to be told by Social Security that you are not eligible for the financial help that you paid for when you were working. We will help people with physical and mental disabilities obtain needed and deserved Social Security benefits — and this can be a comfort and means of economic survival for you and your loved ones.

Whether you are coping with debilitating back pain, a heart condition, other serious physical illness or a chronic emotional condition such as depression, bi-polar disorder, or anxiety, we can help you understand and navigate the process of seeking Social Security Disability benefits. At the Michael J. Mooney and Stephen H. Olden Law Offices in Cincinnati, we offer decades of experience successfully handling adult disability claims, and we encourage you to contact us today for the help you need.

Helping People Through a Complex, Intimidating Process

Filing for adult disability benefits and following up if your initial claim is denied — as the great majority are — can be a lengthy, discouraging process to face on your own. As lawyers, we will work hard to help you set realistic expectations, win your valid adult disability claim and maximize your benefits through a wide array of services. For example:

  • Handling either or both a Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and a separate and additional Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claim for you if you are eligible;
  • Evaluating other benefits you may receive — such as veteran's benefits, unemployment benefits, and workers' compensation for a job-related injury or illness — and their impact on the amount of Social Security disability benefits you can receive;
  • Assembling medical evidence and opinions that satisfy the Social Security Administration's list of impairments and other requirements;
  • Taking into account and presenting evidence about how side effects of prescribed medications may make it impossible for you to work;
  • Treating you with respect and keeping you informed every step of the way — through an appeal of your adult disability claim before a judge if necessary.

Turn to Us With Your Important Concerns and Questions

At Mr. Mooney and Mr. Olden's law offices in Cincinnati, Ohio, we understand the hardship this waiting period will present, and we can offer informed answers to questions such as, "Can I work while my case is being decided?" We offer a free consultation and we charge no attorney fees unless you receive benefits.


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