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What Problems are Not Disabilities?

Social Security decides whether you are disabled by determining if there are other jobs you can do, assuming you can no longer do your former work. The following are reasons Social Security does not consider to be relevant when deciding if there is other work that you can do:

* Alcoholism or drug addiction. There was a time when Social Security recognized these conditions as disabling medical problems. However, Congress changed the law many years ago and now, if these conditions contribute in a material way to your disability, benefits will be denied. Further, some judges even deny benefits where these conditions do not contribute to the disability: just the presence of a substance abuse problem may cause them to deny the claim. Therefore, this office cannot always help persons for whom addiction problems persist.

* Lacking transportation, or not having a way to get to work.

* Having child care or other family responsibilities.

* A different job won't pay as much as your old job.

* Having a criminal record.

* Not having a high school or college degree.

* Being overqualified for a job you could do.

* Not liking the work at a new job or not liking the workplace.


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