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Should I File a Disability Claim?

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No one wants to devote time to filing a government claim that cannot succeed, or building false hope for financial benefits that will never come. Although every Social Security disability claim must be considered individually, our lawyers have the experience and insight to help you evaluate whether you may be eligible for benefits.

At the law offices of Michael J. Mooney and Stephen H. Olden, we do not do the very first paperwork to file initial Social Security disability applications. However, we do gladly and cordially offer guidance at this phase of the process and welcome your questions, all at no charge. We encourage you to explore this web site further and contact us if you have specific concerns.

Understanding the Basics is the First Step

Government programs can be challenging to understand, and a person's eligibility for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or the separate program Supplemental Security Income (SSI) may be far from "clear cut." Some basic considerations include:

  • To collect Social Security disability benefits, claimants must provide medical evidence that a "total disability" prevents them from working.
  • SSDI requires that the claimant — or in some cases, a deceased or disabled spouse or parent — worked in recent years and paid substantially into the system.
  • SSI is an entirely distinct program based on inability to work and financial need, without regard to past work history.

Patience and Determination Are Essential for Most Successful Claims

For several reasons, most Social Security disability applications are denied. This is not always fair, but it means that many valid claims require follow-through to the reconsideration and judge appeal phases. It is essential to be as prepared as possible for a lengthy process and not to delay filing, because many deserving applicants may wait two or more years for benefits to be paid.

We take pride in our ability to help many people in need avoid critical mistakes in the application and appeal process. As attorneys, we have succeeded with hundreds and hundreds of appeals over lengthy careers. For the legal guidance you need, please call or e-mail our offices.


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