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Hearings Before a Judge

Education and Advocacy for Disability Administrative Appeal Hearings

At Michael J. Mooney and Stephen H. Olden's Law Offices, we assist people throughout the greater Cincinnati metro area at all phases in their efforts to obtain Social Security disability benefits. For many, the crucial step after a denial becomes the disability hearing — held in a courtroom-type setting before a federal official called an administrative law judge (ALJ).

We can advise you in the initial application phase, assist with a request for reconsideration, and prepare your appeal to a judge. If you must prepare for an SSDI or SSI appeal hearing before a judge, we encourage you to contact a qualified attorney as soon as possible. If we believe your claim has merit, we can help you thoroughly prepare and often significantly increase your chances of winning benefits. We always appear with our clients and provide assertive advocacy at the hearing. We also set aside specific time the day before the hearing to prepare you for it and ease your worries.

Preparing Your Appeal and Reducing the Intimidation Factor

Most people we assist are understandably intimidated by the prospect of presenting their disability cases at a hearing before a judge. With our decades of experience in these settings, we can provide comfort and vital education that make this challenge easier. Positive steps include:

  • Working with you, as a team member, to assemble the strongest possible medical documentation and non-medical information to support your disability claim
  • Filing a written legal brief outlining the law that supports your claim and summarizing the medical evidence in your favor
  • Ensuring you have a good sense of what will be asked of you and what to expect at the disability hearing. You will be updated on all other aspects of the hearing, including:
    • Where and when
    • How to get there (map included)
    • How to dress
    • Who else will be there
    • How long it will take
  • Advising you on what to do — and what not to do — in order to give your case the greatest chance of success on appeal: guidance that includes keeping all medical appointments and taking prescribed medications

There is never a guarantee of disability claim approval in the hearing phase, but we are highly familiar with these proceedings in Ohio, southeast Indiana and northern Kentucky. With the help of our two legal assistants, each lawyer handles over a hundred new adult and / or children's disability cases in a typical year — but we consciously limit our caseloads so that we can deliver personal, committed attention to you.

Free Consultation on Your Claim or Appeal: 513-721-2222

If you want experienced Social Security disability guidance and advocacy from a lawyer who genuinely cares about the outcome of your case, please call or e-mail our Cincinnati law offices today. We offer a free consultation, and you will pay no attorney fees unless you ultimately receive retroactive benefits.


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