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Disability Claim Appeals

A Record of Success Winning Disability Claims on Appeal

If you have applied for Social Security disability benefits and failed to win approval, hope is not lost. Most Social Security disability claimants require an appeal in order to ultimately be approved and receive benefits. While this is illogical and unfair, especially if you have a clear-cut, diagnosed disability and know for certain work is not possible for you, it is important to know that winning your claim may require several steps and appeals, along with strong advocacy.

Please contact us if your SSDI or SSI claim has been denied and you want to pursue an appeal. We have a very strong understanding of Social Security disability laws, regulations and processes. Equally important, both Michael Mooney and Stephen Olden have deep experience practicing in the Cincinnati Metro and surrounding area. We know the local offices in Ohio, southeast Indiana and northern Kentucky, and we have insight into their practices and requirements.

Knowledge of the Steps and Processes Required to Win Appeals

We offer straight talk and conscientious representation for both adult and child disability claims. We believe every potential client should know that:

  • The first appeal for your denied disability claim is called a request for reconsideration, and claimant success rates in this phase are not high.
  • Depending on your specific circumstances, your best chance of success is likely to be in a hearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ).
  • We have succeeded with thousands of appeals, emphasizing careful up-front evaluation, diligence in case-building and valuable education of the claimants we assist.
  • Although there is never a guarantee of a successful appeal, we can offer informed guidance based on decades of legal experience and our effective work in this legal area.

To Request a Free Consultation, Call 513-721-2222

Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration is a slow-moving system from any perspective. Our mission is to serve you and your family with integrity and move as efficiently as possible to get positive results for you — while keeping you informed and responding to your concerns at every stage.

We empathize with you about how difficult waiting is since you are likely financially and emotionally stressed and struggling. Please contact us to discuss your needs and concerns. We earn fees only from any retroactive benefits we help you obtain. If you recover no back benefits, we do not charge.


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