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SSDI/SSI Applications & Appeals in Cincinnati, Ohio

Dedicated Cincinnati Disability Lawyers Helping You With Denied ClaimsSSI-SSD

For people who are totally disabled from work or struggling mightily to work despite a serious physical or mental impairment, we know stress is extreme. When you have a lot riding on your success with a Social Security disability application or appeal, strong advocacy and support from an attorney who knows the system well can be essential.

In a field requiring skill and determination, we aim to achieve results for those who place their trust in us. Most often, we obtain claim approvals at the appeal stage, but we can also help if all you need is basic guidance to file your Social Security disability application.

Guidance and Advocacy for a Challenging, Lengthy Process

As you may have recently learned, filing a Social Security disability (SSDI or SSI) application can be a challenge in itself — and the majority of disability claims are denied and must then be appealed. It can be easy to get bogged down in details and multiple requirements. Our efforts on your behalf will include:

  • Honestly evaluating the merit of your case, leveraging many decades of experience with Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky claims
  • Helping to collect and present all information that supports your claim, including medical test results, office-visit and hospitalization reports, and doctors' opinions and notes
  • Handling all interactions with the Social Security office, including discovering and tracking the status of your claim
  • Preparation for a successful hearing before a judge, including preparation of a legal brief with sound arguments in your favor and a specific "prep session" with you before the hearing so that you understand what to expect and how to handle yourself in that hearing

Unfortunately, in most cases there is no way to expedite or "speed up" the process of resolving your claim. Preparation, diligence and patience are critical. Ultimately obtaining benefits may take up to two years — and it is wise to be suspicious of any attorney or law firm that leads you to believe otherwise.

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Winning your adult or children's Social Security disability claim may require applying, requesting reconsideration, and appealing multiple denials. If we are able to represent you, we can step in at the claim level or on at an appeal such as the reconsideration phase and begin taking positive steps to help you succeed on your claim.

To request a free consultation — without any obligation or added risk — please contact us at Michael Mooney's and Stephen Olden's law offices today.


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