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Working With Your Doctors

Forming Cooperative Relationships to Help Your Claim Succeed

Obtaining Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits often requires a solid partnership among you, your doctors, and the lawyer advocating for you. Following doctors' guidance regarding your medical condition is essential. Following these experienced attorneys' advice about how to proceed and prepare can be equally important.

Across our decades of legal experience, we have built many successful cases for victory in all kinds of cases and obtained social security and SSI benefits for all kinds of people, with all kinds of problems. Working effectively with your doctors is a necessary strength. To discuss this and other aspects of your disability case free of charge, please contact us today.

The Social Security Administration Requires a Qualified Medical Evaluation

We will thoroughly review the medical diagnoses and records pertaining to your case, often contacting physicians directly to gather necessary documentation and other times working through you. If you do not yet have a doctor's diagnosis and opinion that you cannot work due to your disability, we can advise you about how to proceed at this point. Applicants for disability benefits usually need to present a proper evaluation:

  • From a qualified medical doctor for a physical disability
  • From a qualified psychologist or psychiatrist for a mental condition/impairment

We know from talking to clients and our long experience that there is almost always a direct connection between how a person feels physically and his or her mental state. We empathize with those experiencing anxiety, depression and other mental impairments just as those with chronic pain, serious physical diseases and the effects of powerful medications. In virtually all cases we handle, cooperating and working with your doctors is a key to success.

Working Effectively With Your Doctors Is Critical for Obtaining Benefits

Your willingness to work with your doctors and follow our legal and practical advice is essential. Successful claimants should, among other steps:

  • Keep medical appointments and follow doctors' instructions, including taking all prescribed medications as directed unless there is a good reason not to
  • Avoid alcohol abuse and use of street drugs
  • Stay in contact with us in order to avoid missed deadlines and other mistakes that can set your case back or end your current opportunity for success on appeal

In addition to working well with doctors, our familiarity with relevant laws, regulations and processes enables us to answer many key questions about medical insurance options, available benefits for children and other issues. To work toward obtaining deserved disability benefits with one of these greater Cincinnati-based attorneys on your side, contact us today.


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