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How We Win Cases

The first step in helping an individual resolve their Adult Social Security Disability claim or SSI Disability claim is to evaluate the matter. A prospective client is encouraged to tell their story to Cincinnati disability attorney Michael J. Mooney or Stephen H. Olden.

The evaluation includes learning the details of the claimant’s case; i.e., age, education, work history, type of work, last time worked, exact description of the medical problem and status of the claim. From this information, the disability attorney determines whether or not he can help the individual with their situation. If the attorney is unable to accept the case presented, he will offer suggestions to increase the claimant’s chances of success.

If the attorney accepts your case, he proceeds as follows:

  1. Collects (with the help of the claimant) all pertinent medical information including hospitalization reports, doctor’s office notes, medical tests results, lab results, as well as medical opinions on the subject of disability and submits those to Social Security
  2. Follows up with Social Security to determine what the status of the claim is, when it will be decided, and whether it can be decided sooner.
  3. Identifies various legal theories and arguments that would support the claim at Social Security.
  4. Answers questions that periodically occur. For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, click here.

If the case is to be heard before an Administrative Law Judge, the Cincinnati disability attorney Michael J. Mooney or Stephen H. Olden:

  1. Obtains the hearing date, or helps to make sure the case is scheduled.
  2. Prepares a legal brief summarizing the medical evidence and making various legal arguments that would support an award of benefits.
  3. Prepares the client for the hearing in advance of the hearing so he/she knows what questions will be asked, what the atmosphere at the hearing is, what the attitude of this particular judge is, what additional issues need to be resolved before the hearing is conducted and, what the chances of success are along with the expected financial recovery if successful.

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