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Can I Work While My Case is Being Decided?

Social Security Disability Lawyers Handling Complex Questions

At the law offices of Michael Mooney and Stephen Olden in Cincinnati, Ohio, our staff assists many people who face difficult decisions about trying to work despite a severe disability. Whatever your condition, there is never a guarantee you will receive Social Security disability benefits — and we understand that financial pressures on you may be very intense.

There is no one absolute answer to questions such as "Can I work?" or, "Should I work if I possibly can, despite the pain?". Every case must be considered individually. We encourage you to contact us for a basic case evaluation — including a discussion of what "substantial gainful activity" (SGA), "unsuccessful work attempt" (UWA), and "trial work period" (TWP) mean — free of charge.

Meeting Requirements and Balancing Circumstances

As of 2012, an individual may earn up to $1010.00 per month in gross income and still receive Social Security disability benefits. However, important considerations besides this earning limit may apply — and your benefits could be reduced or ended under some circumstances. Our basic guidance will explain that:

  • In some cases, working part-time while getting treatment for a severe physical or mental disability is viewed positively by the Social Security Administration (SSA). This may show your good work ethic and improve your case.
  • You must keep medical appointments, stay on prescribed medication, and continue other treatment despite the added demands of any work you perform.
  • It is important to notify us that you are working.

We know disability benefit checks may not be enough to support a comfortable lifestyle — or even to meet basic needs. Working to pay for medication, a car payment, utilities or other fundamentals will not necessarily prevent you from receiving benefits. Please call or e-mail us to talk about your specific case.

As two proven attorneys, we share a clear mission and philosophy as well as a location and support resources. We are dedicated to understanding your needs, determining if you are entitled to benefits under the law, and if so, doing all we can to win your claim as quickly and efficiently as possible. Along the way, we educate, coach, and advocate for each client with real human respect and compassion.


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