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Building and Winning Your Case

Legal Action for Social Security Disability Claimants

We take a caring, invested approach to each Social Security disability case we handle. Unlike large SSDI/SSI firms that advertise heavily nationwide, we two attorneys practice locally, and so we can offer valuable insight into the methods and tendencies specific to Cincinnati-area offices, courts and officials.

From our initial consultation forward, we strive to offer realistic expectations about results and timing, and also to build the best possible case for positive results. WE are not afraid to take challenging cases—and we do not "cherry-pick" claims. We take on SSDI and SSI claim appeals we believe in — though they may be challenging in various respects — and move forward with diligence. We have built a strong track record over the years.

Satisfying All Critical Requirements for Ultimately Obtaining Benefits

Key requirements these greater Cincinnati, Ohio, lawyers can help you satisfy include:

  • Gathering and providing solid medical and non-medical evidence to support your claim, working with your doctors as necessary
  • Ensuring you complete every step in the government processes and meet all deadlines
  • Preparing effectively for your appeal hearing before a judge — which typically represents the best opportunity for success in obtaining benefits

Our valued clients come to us for professional legal help, but how we treat you and your family on a human level always matters. To evaluate and pursue claims effectively, we:

  • Put the necessary time in to understand your needs and those of your family
  • Ask critical questions that mirror those asked by government officials responsible for evaluating your claim, in order to solidify how we characterize your condition
  • Ensure all required forms are completed thoroughly, submitted in a timely manner, and supported with all essential medical and non-medical documents
  • Appear with you and advocate for you before the administrative law judge (ALJ) assigned to your SSDI or SSI case, after educating you as fully as possible on what to expect, how best to prepare, and how to testify most effectively

Honest, Empathetic and Constructive, Every Step of the Way

Michael J. Mooney's and Stephen H. Olden's law offices serve clients in Ohio, northern Kentucky and southeastern Indiana. We provide representation only on a contingency basis as determined by law, with our attorney fees -- 25% of past benefits due-- paid only if we succeed in obtaining SSDI or SSI benefits.

To request a free initial consultation, please call 513-977-4208 or send e-mail today.


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