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Attorney Referrals

Over the years, we have received many referrals from fellow attorneys for claimants seeking Social Security or SSI disability. Our goal is to assist those claimants only with their disability claims - you may be assured that any other legal matters your client has will remain with you. We practice only in the field of disability law.

The person you refer to us will be treated professionally and courteously throughout our relationship with them. We will work diligently to obtain a favorable outcome. During the process, our clients will be kept abreast of progress on their case and receive copies of any correspondence we send to other parties such as doctors, hospitals, the Social Security Administration, and schools. Our two legal assistants will be available to answer questions and provide updates for claimants at any time if we are unavailable.

We both put a premium on straight talk, personal attention, and efficiency in our work. We practice in the greater Tri-State area, not nationally, and we therefore are very familiar with the local judges hearing Social Security appeals, as well as their staff. We provide a free, no-risk consultation, and we work on a contingency fee basis so that clients are not charged a fee unless we win their case for them. You may check our biographical information elsewhere on this site. Thank you very much for entrusting us with your client or acquaintance. You are welcome to call either of us at any time for additional information.


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